He3Labs Threshold

Blockchain Middleware for Enterprise

What is Threshold?

Decades of enterprise IT experience and extensive blockchain consulting have shown us that direct blockchain development is too complex to work for enterprise. So we created Threshold: middleware that raises blockchain up to a full-fledged cloud service.

Threshold moves blockchain out of the realm of custom development. It finally provides for blockchain what Salesforce does for customer relationship management: simplicity, accessibility, and out-of-box maturity. Threshold works across multiple blockchains, providing the widest possible set of features and avoiding costly lock-in as the technology evolves.

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Threshold Works

Early demos using alpha version of Threshold put real applications on blockchain.

He3Labs and Universal Tribal Partners demonstrate revolutionary e-government and land management on the blockchain at the 100th annual Crow Fair
In May 2018 at the Consensus NY show, He3Labs demonstrated an alpha version of its Threshold SaaS blockchain platform for business.


Threshold is under development for enterprise deployment in 2019.

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