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He3Labs Visualizer for Radix DLT's Stable Value Token Economics

Over the last year, He3Labs has been fortunate to work closely with the amazing team behind Radix – an entirely new type of DLT that will launch later this year. Radix’ creators have designed the native platform token of Radix, the Rad with an elegant and unique economic system design. He3Labs built a GUI visualizer tool to make it easy to play with the parameters of this system and explore outcomes for the network and investors.

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The Top 5 Benefits of Good DLT Token Ecosystem Design

Tokens are a key component of blockchain and other DLT applications, and developing a DLT token system with successful tokenomics can affect the success of your overall application. A successful DLT token ecosystem provides a way to transfer value between users, while setting up self-balancing behavioral incentives that work across every part of the system and provide benefits to stakeholders.

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What is Tokenomics?

The fields of cryptoeconomics and tokenomics are so new that there’s not much consensus on the definitions of terms, or best practices for designing tokens. As a a full-time cryptocurrency economist, I’ll help define these terms and outline token design in line with my work at He3Labs, where we bring the benefits of blockchain to real-world businesses through concepts like tokenomics.

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