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DLT Development and Tokenized Funding Must Solve Significant Challenges to Succeed in 2019

Blockchain technology – or more generally, distributed ledger technology (DLT) development  – has the potential to transform the world of business even more broadly and deeply than the first generation of internet technologies of the ‘90s and 2000s. But what sort of transformation will it bring and who will profit most from this transformation?

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DLT Trust Engines: The Rules and Records of Blockchain and DLT

One of the most important questions that can asked about a new technology is: What is this thing actually good for? A DLT “trust engine” provides two essential elements: rules and records. Understanding these rules and records helps understand the importance and applicability of various forms of DLT in viable business solutions.

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The IBM-backed Stellar Stablecoin and the Importance of Trusts

This week IBM announced that it was working with a company called Stronghold to release a new stablecoin – a cryptocurrency designed to have stable value – on the Stellar public blockchain network. A high-profile announcement like this is clearly good news for Stellar, but it could also indicate the start of a meaningful maturation of blockchain that may not be immediately obvious.

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