The False Dichotomy of Blockchain Usage (How Bruce Schneier Got It Wrong)

Blockchain supporters from the extreme ends of a public/private blockchain ideological spectrum dominate the conversation today. Both factions miss the mark however, creating unnecessary barriers to real-world adoption. A better approach to blockchain development acknowledges the needs of business while taking deeper advantage of what the technology can uniquely offer if used correctly.

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He3Labs Visualizer for Radix DLT's Stable Value Token Economics

Over the last year, He3Labs has been fortunate to work closely with the amazing team behind Radix – an entirely new type of DLT that will launch later this year. Radix’ creators have designed the native platform token of Radix, the Rad with an elegant and unique economic system design. He3Labs built a GUI visualizer tool to make it easy to play with the parameters of this system and explore outcomes for the network and investors.

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Blockchain-Based Token Supply Control Mechanisms

Companies that launch blockchain-based tokens into an ecosystem have many supply control mechanisms to choose from with different effects on the resulting token economy. From straightforward hard cap controls to lockups and buybacks, DLT users must understand what controls best suit the business, investor, and legal requirements at hand.

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DLT Development and Tokenized Funding Must Solve Significant Challenges to Succeed in 2019

Blockchain technology – or more generally, distributed ledger technology (DLT) development  – has the potential to transform the world of business even more broadly and deeply than the first generation of internet technologies of the ‘90s and 2000s. But what sort of transformation will it bring and who will profit most from this transformation?

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The Top 5 Benefits of Good DLT Token Ecosystem Design

Tokens are a key component of blockchain and other DLT applications, and developing a DLT token system with successful tokenomics can affect the success of your overall application. A successful DLT token ecosystem provides a way to transfer value between users, while setting up self-balancing behavioral incentives that work across every part of the system and provide benefits to stakeholders.

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DLT Trust Engines: The Rules and Records of Blockchain and DLT

One of the most important questions that can asked about a new technology is: What is this thing actually good for? A DLT “trust engine” provides two essential elements: rules and records. Understanding these rules and records helps understand the importance and applicability of various forms of DLT in viable business solutions.

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NEM Catapult: A Viable Private DLT Solution for Business

Earlier, we wrote on how businesses can benefit from keeping private business data on a private blockchain. Having personally built software using a private blockchain run on private servers and seeing how naturally the DLT fit into that system, I consider the point made: useful blockchain does not necessarily require public decentralization. A business can benefit greatly from the properties of a trusted, private DLT.

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